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the thief

qenene on 6. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

the thief
  • Description

    * Monsieur by Madamecercle.
    * Zoonan is a parody of Groo, by Sergio Aragonés.

    He sentido algo extraño...
    como si...
    ¡¡¡estoy calvo!!!

    Bueno, el ladrón no contaba con la habilidad de Zoonan para encontrarle, incluso si se halla escondido como, intuyo, ahora mismo está.

    This strip is a reply to Zoonan's head



    I had a strange feeling...

    It's like if...

    I'M BALD !!!


    Well, the thief didn't counted on Zoonan being able to trail him even if he's hidding as I intuit now he is.

    zoonan, zoltar, monsieur, thier, ladron
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  • thecomedyhen 7.2.2013
    Zoltars comment makes me happy
  • benjamin895 7.2.2013
    haha very funny.. great character design
  • junkfood97 6.2.2013
  • Drachir 6.2.2013
    All I can remember is she kept screaming screaming screaming
    Pull my hair pull my hair
    Please don’t stop till I tell you baby don’t be scared
    Pull my hair pull my hair
    All I want to feel is you on top of me working it
  • Zoltar 6.2.2013
    FINALLY !!!!! HUMOR is back on SG !!!!
  • JUma 6.2.2013
  • precel 6.2.2013
  • thecomedyhen 6.2.2013
    Zoonan should exercise his legs
  • Quag54 6.2.2013
    looks good on him

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