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The Big Scam

Horatius on 3. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

The Big Scam
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    Okay, get that Giant TV set up, and tuned into our exclusive Sattelite Feed! We can't afford to miss a minute of this!

    And make sure that Evil Hot NWO Chili is smokin'! We've got standards to maintain here!

    Ah, and here's Nova, with the Beer and Booze Bikini Girls, as reliable as ever!


    I never knew you NWO guys took this day so seriously! What's up?

    "What's Up"? Are you serious? This entire day is one giant, covert, hedonistic, pagan, sacred ritual to glorify our leader, and bring him vast power for the new year!

    NWO Superb Owl Party 2013

    Why do you think the game was named that way?

    Let's get this party started!

    superbowl, super bowl
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