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hey lenny 173

benjamin895 on 29. Jan, 2013 — Lang: English

hey lenny 173
  • This strip is a reply to hey lenny 172





    where lenny?

    haha. hey lenny, how do the aliens go to the toilet on this thing? i don't see a dunny here anywhere!

    would you keep your eyes on the giant alien insects trying to kill us!



    that's it! give me the controls!

    no way! im flying the ship. let go!

    benny! give me the bloody controls!

    grr no! they're mine. probey, attack!


    look you little anal probe, and that thing hanging from your butt. if you don't give me them controls right now..

    ..i'm gonna put my foot so far up your ass, probey will be replacing your head!

    NEVER! oh wait, that sounds really cool. wait, never!

    give me the controls benny!

    never, as the captain of this ship, ive declared a mutiny! you are to be placed in the dungeon until further notice.

    dungeon? what bloody dungeon!

    we haven't got one yet have we!






    grr give 'em here benny!

    grr no way! MUTINY! MUTINY!

    i'll give you a bloody mutiny in a minute!

    let go of my ship!

    it's my ship now! ....wait, benny!

    grr mutiny!

    benny! look, we've been captured by a boss insect.

    ..shit! double mutiny!

    hey, lenny, mutiny
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  • ourWorld_Online 16.2.2013
    Now maybe you can upgrade the ship and get a dungeon
  • asfaltocaldo 30.1.2013
    hehehe they're back! conga on bribed!
  • Quag54 30.1.2013
    My favorite game ~
  • stihl 30.1.2013
    cool and conga !
  • benjamin895 30.1.2013
    this a surprise.. thanks guys:)
  • MJardin 30.1.2013
  • cirkuz 30.1.2013
  • cirkuz 29.1.2013
    quick unplug the machine!
  • Flamingdeath 29.1.2013
    those space guys are CHEATING!!!! Probey, ATTACK!!!!!
  • MadameCercle 29.1.2013
    Comme au bon vieux temps !
  • 35sheep 29.1.2013
    A tractor beam? Thet's CHEATING!!!
  • opeluna1 29.1.2013
    very cool as said
  • NeoChomik 29.1.2013
    They should just knock one of 'em out and then settle it
  • bettyblowtourch 29.1.2013
    your a very good artist and awesome too. could you please check out my new strip its not as good as yours but i would like your opinion.
  • benjamin895 29.1.2013
    @abro.. very true mate. they will need all 9 of them i suspect;)

    @thecomedyhen.. thanks mate. i appreciate that:) i enjoy creating..

    also, just in case anyone is wondering, 'dunny' is aussie for toilet:)
  • qenene 29.1.2013
    Hehehe. Great retro.
    INSERT COIN for the next.
  • thecomedyhen 29.1.2013
    Dude you're the ultimate Strip Maker, so good at any kind of strips. High 5 for awesomeness
  • abrotons 29.1.2013
    that's the best in video games...
    we're all cats!
  • benjamin895 29.1.2013
    @abro.. haha yeah, but they still have two lives left:D
  • abrotons 29.1.2013
    so quick?

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