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Agalychnis callidryas

benjamin895 on 18. Jan, 2013 — Lang: No text

Agalychnis callidryas
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  • Robukka 30.1.2018
    The colours!!
  • Tproductions 12.1.2015
    o.o wow
  • sashiaalekhya 22.9.2014
  • Fabiolars 26.7.2014
  • Fizzle 23.6.2014
    Dat look tho.
  • citizenkant 13.1.2014
    Must see.
  • piperatthegates 22.12.2013
    Wow, that's really all I can say
  • craigdragon 10.12.2013
    This one's still in my favorites!:>) Thanks for the reply!
  • linya 8.8.2013
    what the do you make it so real???
  • sidneyflei 18.6.2013
  • benjamin895 28.5.2013
    @sheep, shame you missed out on the bright colours mate. its a real feature. i also hear they are now under threat in many areas due to urban developments logging etc. it would be a great shame to lose these cute lil buggers

    thanks everyone!
  • 35sheep 22.5.2013
    PS: I actually saw this guys in Costa Rica, Benji. But it was broad daylight, so he was all curled up in a little green ball, showing no colours at all. They are nocturnal, but we didn't spot any when we went night hiking in the rain forest.
  • 35sheep 22.5.2013
    Only 68 likes? I don't get it ...
  • DerkBoy 18.5.2013
    nice ;)
  • areta 24.3.2013
  • deadlycrossover 13.3.2013
    freakin awesome. almost like ambrosius's strips!!! Congratz!
  • julian724 9.2.2013
    0_0 u get infinity likes
  • ourWorld_Online 8.2.2013
    damn, dude! this looks amazing. faving.
  • Lanzichenecco 4.2.2013
    @Docter: It is a amazonian tree frog. It has such brilliant colors because it is a bit poisonous. They are an alert: "eat and you will die". Many tree frogs are poisonous to the touch, like the "Dendrobates azureus" the most poisonous frog I know. ;)
    Pay attention ! ;)
  • Stiltsen 22.1.2013
    Extreme photo realism, faved.

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