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No yellow, no green...

bithex96 on 12. Jan, 2013 — Lang: No text

No yellow, no green...
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  • Detective 8.12.2013
    I remember how we fought for yellow color making experiments and "formal protests"
  • dawg123 12.1.2013
    Nice one
  • cirkuz 12.1.2013
    i say you use what you think is best
  • paco_de_pinda 12.1.2013
    I'm never gonna buy a theme pack. Not because I don't like it. But because I can already create alot of colours..... and I'm greedy:p
  • asfaltocaldo 12.1.2013
    colors are so important to drawing - nice strip and interesting video

    Vero, you can surely have a word on this subject...
  • Flamingdeath 12.1.2013
  • Veronique 12.1.2013
    yo , a pesar de que me los compré gusta mucho experimentar los colores de SG...en realidad se pueden hacer grandes experimentos!
    muy bueno!

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