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Dyslexia joke

stihl on 10. Jan, 2013 — Lang: English

Dyslexia joke
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  • Quag54 11.1.2013
    I think my fingers are dyslexic smoetimes :S
  • cirkuz 11.1.2013
    i laughed till i cried...
  • Flamingdeath 10.1.2013
    I gotta show this to my mom
  • paco_de_pinda 10.1.2013
    ekoj? Does that mean "Okay"?
    Oh well.. You can get over dyslexia.. well.. not really.. but we dyslectics can learn all the words.. even if it's during some longer. People only notice it when we're reading something, and sometimes even then not. (bad sentence xD)

    When you know you're doomed: You spelled a word wrong and even Microsoft Word doesn't have suggestions! XD
  • stihl 10.1.2013
  • dawg123 10.1.2013
    Lolol I still had to laugh
  • xsciencer 10.1.2013
    My friend/schoolmate has Dyslexia
  • stihl 10.1.2013
    who has what ?
  • xsciencer 10.1.2013
    My friend has it.

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