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Xarq-al-Andalus 6

abrotons on 5. Jan, 2013 — Lang: English

Xarq-al-Andalus 6
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  • stihl 9.1.2013
  • generalX8 7.1.2013
    A War!? oh no!
  • Veronique 6.1.2013
    es genial!
  • Zuber 6.1.2013
    great page and congratulations on bribed!
  • abrotons 6.1.2013
    it was about "next part"
    never mind
  • paco_de_pinda 6.1.2013
    @Abrotons What do you mean?
    Edit: Okay :)

    edited by owner

  • abrotons 6.1.2013
    OK Paco!
  • ParkersArts 6.1.2013
    Nice congrats and nice art
  • 35sheep 6.1.2013
    Gorgeous! Conga on being bribed.

    Just ignore the flagging - there are a LOT of trolls around right now ...
  • Neinire 6.1.2013
    conga.. flagged again:D hihi
  • benjamin895 6.1.2013
    another flag? this is silly..

    haha she is sooo worth starting a war for:D

    congratz on bribed abrotons..
  • abrotons 6.1.2013
    grazzie, Anna
  • asfaltocaldo 6.1.2013
    conga on a well-deserved, flagged, gorgeous bribed!
  • abrotons 6.1.2013
    ext part?
  • paco_de_pinda 6.1.2013
    Conga! You're making great series there.
    Edit: Bcause I every time want to see the. Ext part.

    EDIT: @Abrotons NEXT part*

    edited by owner

  • syke 5.1.2013
    why is SG flagging you.Tell them you already have a flag.
  • syke 5.1.2013
    woho..i like this please continue the story...;-)
  • nunexis 5.1.2013
  • asfaltocaldo 5.1.2013
    beautiful strip btw!
  • asfaltocaldo 5.1.2013
    feel so baffled at this flagging too, can a naked body give so much trouble to some bigot fooling around here?
    as others said before me, plz abro go on with your wonderful work!

    if we're many to ask this flagging can be undone, who knows, let's hope so...'

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