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opeluna1 on 19. Dec, 2012 — Lang: No text

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  • stihl 14.1.2013
    nice !
  • Drachir 20.12.2012
    So I leave my possesions to the wind
    And I'm done with ever wanting anything
    Well I can die satisfied
    No desires do I hide
    Not today, not today
    Nor for the next one thousand lives

    I want to be a little seahorse
    I want to be a little seahorse
    A little seahorse
  • 35sheep 20.12.2012
    Like this one a lot!
  • Quag54 20.12.2012
    Excellent and it only took 20 minutes ?
  • benjamin895 20.12.2012
    ouch.. just don't pick him up with your hands;)

    he's a cutie.. favs!
  • Ambrosius77 20.12.2012
    Very nice
  • cirkuz 20.12.2012
    good design
  • MJardin 20.12.2012
    I agree with JRMark, the eye is the focal point. Nice.
  • abrotons 19.12.2012
  • asfaltocaldo 19.12.2012
    oohhh, tan hermoso y bien hecho!
  • gregheffleydude1 19.12.2012
    Awesome sea horse. Faved.
  • NeoChomik 19.12.2012
    Nice.. though are those spiked for real?
  • Veronique 19.12.2012
    Este estupendo! y sus piquitos punketillos!
  • MadameCercle 19.12.2012
    Très réussi.
  • JRMarklin 19.12.2012
    The point of light in the eye, makes the difference
    El punto de luz en el ojo, hace la diferencia
  • JRMarklin 19.12.2012
    A sea horse, very well done
    Un caballito de mar, Muy bien logrado

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