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Classic Fungi Joke

gregheffleydude1 on 18. Dec, 2012 — Lang: English

Classic Fungi Joke
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  • JUma 23.12.2012
    Thumbs Up for the mushrooms jokes!!
  • JRMarklin 20.12.2012
    How to tell if a mushroom is good or bad one?
    Cómo saber si es un hongo bueno o uno malo?
  • Balistiko6 19.12.2012
    LOL! FAVED!!!
  • MISISIS 19.12.2012
  • Drachir 19.12.2012
    Grandpa Grandpa look what we found
    Such colorful things upon the ground
    In circles fair and under trees
    Grandpa what can they be?
    Children come now don't you touch!
    Grandpa why do you raise your voice so much?
    I raise it out of fear and because i know!
    What festering evil lurks in the tree's shadow
    The fettered funggi spread their spores
    They blow through windows and under doors
  • cirkuz 18.12.2012
  • Flamingdeath 18.12.2012

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