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Santa's Escape p.2

begbie on 14. Dec, 2012 — Lang: English

Santa's Escape p.2
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    Story of Santa Claus origin and real meaning of Xmas



    Mr. Claus, i need a moment of your attention

    Walk with me..

    Your lawyer scheduled a meeting, regarding lawsuit Coca-Cola filed against us.
    Also we run the numbers, with current capacity we are unable to deliver gifts in time.

    Contact my Lawyer, tell him to launch counter lawsuit, he must not lose this battle.
    We can't be late, every elf is at his station, production is going with optimal speed.

    North Pole

    There is increasing trend of multiple gift requests. We are not prepared for that.
    Add to that gifts that are complicated to develop... We are facing with crisis!

    If we introduce third shift, order a few thousand iPhone to reduce the pressure on our plant, perhaps hire some workers from outside, we could succeed..

    But we are on the verge of a strike already, the elves will rebel against this decision. And if I may remind your jollyness, our funds are dry, so we can't afford iphones and laborers.

    I am fully aware of ours problems, if you have something constructive to say, speak or don't waste my time..

    We could raise the price of TV appearances, appearances in malls and sell all of ours movie rights to Disney ...

    I do not want to know, TAKE CARE OF IT!

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