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David Bowie – Eight Line Poem

rukowski on 12. Dec, 2012 — Lang: Eesti

David Bowie – Eight Line Poem
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  • Veronique 12.12.2012
    I love Bowie!, now my favourite song is Starman.
  • opeluna1 12.12.2012
    Bowie, the best

    as well as you are, my dear friend
  • Drachir 12.12.2012
    Oh don't lean on me man, cause you can't afford the ticket
    Im back from suffragette city
    Oh don't lean on me man
    Cause you aint got time to check it
    You know my suffragette city
    Is outta sight...shes all right
  • Maoriman 12.12.2012
    Didn't figure you for a Bowie man dude...

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