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Xarq-al Andalus Basoa -The Forest

abrotons on 8. Dec, 2012 — Lang: Euskara

Xarq-al Andalus  Basoa -The Forest
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  • MadameCercle 11.2.2017
    Superbe !
  • bluesockmonkey 8.6.2014
    very lovely!
  • leao90 2.1.2013
    lindas aves
  • Elgar 11.12.2012
    Awesome nature scene :)
  • cirkuz 10.12.2012
    birdie birdie in the sky took a poopie in my eye...
    i'm a big boy i wont cry...
    sure am glad cows dont fly...
  • ourWorld_Online 10.12.2012
    looks really great, faving
  • Ancyd 9.12.2012
    Awesome trees and birds! Really peaceful scene!
  • stihl 9.12.2012
    wow, very nice !
    Favs :)
  • asfaltocaldo 9.12.2012
  • MISISIS 9.12.2012
    Save the forrest
  • abrotons 9.12.2012
    I hope not Drachir
    I hope she's there waiting for me!
  • Drachir 9.12.2012
    Come closer and see
    see into the trees
    find the girl
    while you can
    Come closer and see
    see into the dark
    just follow your eyes
    just follow your eyes

    I hear her voice
    calling my name
    the sound is deep
    in the dark
    I hear her voice
    and start to run
    into the trees
    into the trees

    into the trees

    Suddenly I stop
    but i know it's too late
    I'm lost in a forest
    all alone
    The girl was never there
    it's always the same
    I'm running towards nothing
    again and again and again
  • 35sheep 9.12.2012
    Great scene...
  • Veronique 9.12.2012
    me voy a soñar!!!!!!!!
  • Fabiolars 9.12.2012
    Que bonito! :D
  • Veronique 9.12.2012
    Se me olvidaba decirte que eres mi artista favorito....

    My F.A.!
  • calm 9.12.2012
    Such delicate foliage! Pretty scene! :-)
  • NeoChomik 8.12.2012
    wish that was image behind my window
  • abrotons 8.12.2012
    si vive alguien será en una cabaña
  • Veronique 8.12.2012
    Qué hermoso!
    se ve tan tranquilo!
    los árboles preciosos...

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