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Zek/swirl tunnel effect (test)

Azzie13 on 7. Dec, 2012 — Lang: No text

Zek/swirl tunnel effect (test)
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  • adpn 5.7.2014
    i like the high contrast,, im gonna fav it...
  • generalX8 22.2.2013
  • ourWorld_Online 9.12.2012
    this is really cool! faved
  • 35sheep 8.12.2012
    It works ...
  • Drachir 8.12.2012
    I set out alone,
    Crawl through the tunnel,
    My eyes can hardly see the other side,
    No longer cold,
    Or feeling in trouble,
    I realize that I am just alive....
    So let it shine,

    Cause we are, the light in the tunnel,
    We are the living and dying,
    See how we are, alone in the world,
    We are the light in the tunnel,
    That's all.....
  • Maoriman 8.12.2012
    Great great test Azzie...
  • benjamin895 8.12.2012
    woo what a mind bender..

    great to see you swirling again:)
  • JRMarklin 8.12.2012
    Hello Azzie it's nice to see your sketches
    Hola Azzie, que bueno saber de ti, y ver tus dibujos
  • Veronique 8.12.2012
    nice to see you!!!
    I love your work!
  • Quag54 8.12.2012
    looks really cool
  • Laserboi101 8.12.2012
  • asfaltocaldo 7.12.2012
    wow trippy!

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