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Jacob Stoners Computer Class Comic

jas12 on 6. Dec, 2012 — Lang: English

Jacob Stoners Computer Class Comic
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    An amusing comic talking abou Dell's new XPS 12



    Hay there. Anything new?

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    Yes. Dell came out with theXPS 12.

    Ehhh, right. What is that

    Its a cross between a tablet and a notebook. Honestly, how don't you know these things.

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    What are those?!

    How don't you know what a tablet or a notebook is. (sigh)


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    He didnt even let me tell him about how great the XPS's display is. Meh

    What was that about?

    I was telling him about the XPS 12 and he ran off. too awsome for him I guese.

    Isn't that a really expensive devise?

    Come on now! Its $1200 for a 12 1/2 inch screen. The pressure on the track pad is the only thing wrong with it.

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    Neat! Wait... Waht is that!?

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