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ourWorld_Online on 29. Nov, 2012 — Lang: English

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    Flower Apple Microsoft

    fTunes iTunes Media Player
    fWork iWork Office
    fLife iLife Live
    Expedition Safari Internet Explorer
    Flower Shop Mac App Store Microsoft Store

    This strip is a reply to "Mr. 47"



    Flower Computers

    Now runs fOS 5

    • Scented to your preference
    • Faster browsing
    • Retina Display
    • Touch Screen
    • Voice Enhanced
    • Built-In Internet Service for On-The-

    • fTunes
    • fWork
    • fLife
    • Expedition
    • Flower Shop

    flower, apple, microsoft, ourWorld_Online, computer, laptop, funny
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  • Elgar 12.12.2012
    :D I want one
  • Drachir 30.11.2012
    Not just a flower in your hair
    there must be love in your heart
    no flowers will prevent lovers to part
    no sweets in your mouth will bring peace to your mind
    there's got to be a little kindness
    and of course a little peace
    before you wear your flowers
    and before you eat your sweets.
  • TheDivineChicken 30.11.2012
    you are the better StripGenerator man. I am nothing. Good strip my friend that i don't know. Favs!
  • NeoChomik 29.11.2012
    Oh that innuendos
  • asfaltocaldo 29.11.2012
    a real never-again-without
  • abrotons 29.11.2012
    how much?
  • qenene 29.11.2012
    and works with water?
  • Maoriman 29.11.2012
    And will send you off to bed with the hymn of "the Sound of Music" permanently stuck in your noggin...
  • cirkuz 29.11.2012
    its got the whole kit & kah-boodle!

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