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Let's see....

opeluna1 on 26. Nov, 2012 — Lang: Espanol

Let's see....
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    Easy, I took the initials from my first name, my last name and ended it with my mom's full last name
    I guess everybody knows that luna means moon in I use it a lot in my strips to honour my late mother... The number 1 just because I forgot the password of an account that I opened first so I opened a new one which is the one I always use.

    Very much grateful with MJardin for letting me use his moon and to Cornel for his shape.

    Planning on stripping a lot in the near future.. be aware ;P

    This strip is a reply to El Putas, Name contest




    opeluna1, name contest, neinire
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  • benjamin895 3.12.2012
    wow, thank you for sharing your story. this is such a great contest:) conga on bribed!
  • MISISIS 1.12.2012
    Nice to know youre name
  • stihl 29.11.2012
  • asfaltocaldo 29.11.2012
    a nice and moving story, would have probably done the same with such a mother's name, that it's so good of you to honour - conga on bribed,!
  • opeluna1 28.11.2012
    @Drachir, ♥♥ ;)
  • Drachir 28.11.2012
    Listen to this
    Through Olga I miss
    My carnival band
    I drink up all kind of alcohol
    Just before carnival
    Me head start to spin
    Me knees start to buck
    Me whole body start to rock
    Tired, sleepy, broke-up
    So I asked her to wake me up

    Olga, Olga
    I hearin' a boom, boom, boom
    Olga, Olga
    Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom my darling
    Olga, do do
    I hearin' a steel pan
    It's an old tradition
    To jump in the band
  • craigdragon 28.11.2012
    Aww, dat's cool!
  • Quag54 28.11.2012
    Congratz and right by your side ;)
  • abrotons 28.11.2012
    felicidades, ope!
  • deadlierlizard 28.11.2012
    i love the color blue
  • gregheffleydude1 28.11.2012
    Awesome! Gratz!
  • cirkuz 27.11.2012
  • Neinire 27.11.2012
    I like Luna... it is do poetic
  • 35sheep 27.11.2012
    PS: I am SOOO aware - bring'em on!!! ;-)
  • 35sheep 27.11.2012
    Great explanation again! I really like these stories!
  • Ignis 27.11.2012
    I like the moon very much
  • Veronique 27.11.2012
    Hola Ope.. y el 1?
  • Quag54 27.11.2012
    I knew that :D
  • MJardin 27.11.2012
    (As ever, thanks for the shout.)
  • MadameCercle 27.11.2012
    * * *

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