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35sheep on 26. Nov, 2012 — Lang: No text

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    I've posted this before, but here's the explanation: I used to play a computergame in a team/clan called [+35], the reason being that all members were/are +35 years old. My nick was 'Sheep' because I never killed anyone (!!!) ;-D So basically I was [+35]Sheep, because I was a lousy OLD computergamer! ;-D The first 20 strips or so I made here on SG, I made for the [+35]-website, but that was a loooooong time ago (in a galaxy far, far away ...)

    This strip is a reply to Monsters Ball, Name contest
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  • 35sheep 26.11.2012
    @Cirkuz: right on, dude!
  • cirkuz 26.11.2012
    like peace man...
  • Flutter 26.11.2012
    I like the story. :)
    Nice picture too.
  • Soulguy 26.11.2012
  • Neinire 26.11.2012
    ooohh wonderful sheep!
  • NeoChomik 26.11.2012
    well that explains a lot
  • 35sheep 26.11.2012
    @Quag: Well, I'm not 54 yet ...
  • 35sheep 26.11.2012
    @paco: Not COD. CS!
  • opeluna1 26.11.2012
  • paco_de_pinda 26.11.2012
    A sheep that plays Call of Duty.. Original.. original...
    Always liked your name :)
  • Quag54 26.11.2012
    +35 ? How many +'s ago was this ? ;)
  • MadameCercle 26.11.2012
    Bravo pour 35sheep !
  • Veronique 26.11.2012
    qué lindo!
  • Drachir 26.11.2012
    I'm lying in my bed and I can't get asleep. My head is full of
    melodies and I am counting sheep. DebbieDebbieDebbie I'm so down.
    DebbieDebbieDebbie I'm so tired.
    I'll stop this counting sheep, they're messin' up the floor and
    actually I cannot even stand no sheep no more
    let's count something else: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    The sound of clarinets is going round my head. I wonder if these
    clarinets will never go to bed.
    I can't stop counting sheep, I just can't feel asleep.
  • 35sheep 26.11.2012
    Check the description for the explanation!

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