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Jr Marklin

JRMarklin on 26. Nov, 2012 — Lang: English

Jr Marklin
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    JR Marklin

    JR are the initials of my name and Marklin, because I like a lot of trains, when young, had a Marklin train

    JR son las iniciales de mi nombre, me gustan mucho los trenes, cuando joven, tuve un tren Marklin

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  • benjamin895 3.12.2012
    nice explanation..
  • asfaltocaldo 2.12.2012
  • LALLA17 1.12.2012
    nice looking locomotive
  • gregheffleydude1 28.11.2012
  • Maoriman 27.11.2012
    That is a great explanation of your name - awesome dude!
  • JRMarklin 26.11.2012
    Like this, Drachir
  • Drachir 26.11.2012
    That night we sang songs for Santa
    My brother and I got a black Märklin train
    One of around twenty-eight bucks
    The coolingwagon was white yellow the banana wagon
    Again and again forward and back
    On the round track
    As we lay down on the ground
    Round and round
    The junctions were bound
    The next year
  • 35sheep 26.11.2012
    Good explanation!
  • MadameCercle 26.11.2012
    * * *
  • Neinire 26.11.2012
    Ohh I ever supposed that this is your real name.
  • cirkuz 26.11.2012
    choo choo!
  • Soulguy 26.11.2012
  • Quag54 26.11.2012
    Good idea, calm. Interesting to know
  • calm 26.11.2012
    I love knowing this! I'm glad you shared. :-)

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