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The Persian wars pt. 20

Pericles on 24. Nov, 2012 — Lang: English

The Persian wars pt. 20
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    The Greeks make their first attempt at fighting against Persia, meeting with a mixed bag of results.

    On a personal note, I'm too sure on how this page turned out, but I am happy with the final scene. Thoughts anyone?



    When the people of Thessaly discovered their rulers collaboration with Persia, they were not pleased.

    The people presented the Greek alliance with an ultimatum: Help us defend the pass into Thessaly, or we will help the Persians

    The alliance agreed and sent 10,000 Hoplites by sea to Tempe, where the pass into Thessaly was. They were reinforced by the Thessalian Cavalry. There they began fortifying their position while they waited for the Persians to cross the Hellespont.

    However, not long after the arrival of the Greek force a messenger arrived from Alexander of Macedon (not that Alexander).

    Flee this place Greeks! The Persian army is huge and they've found a way to outflank you by going through Macedon!

    The Greeks did indeed flee. Without the support of the alliance Thessaly became of the utmost use to Xerxes; it's people acting as guides to the army.


    After much discussion, the Alliance decided to attempt a similar plan by Mt. Olympus, at the pass known as Thermoplyae. The sea would be defended by the fleet at Artemisium. This would also have the advantage of making communication and supply easier.

    Meanwhile the Delphians delivered an Oracle advising the Greeks to pray to the winds. A shrine was concecrated and the Athenians prayed to Boreas, the North wind.

    Boreas heard their prayers...

    ...and summoned a mighty storm that wrecked 400 Persian ships, a third of their fleet.

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