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Heart illusion

Soulguy on 24. Nov, 2012 — Lang: No text

Heart illusion
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  • Quag54 26.11.2012
    Cool. I like what you did here. :D
  • Flutter 25.11.2012
    Wow... Good work!
  • abrotons 25.11.2012
    great effect
    i'm dizzy!
  • Drachir 24.11.2012
    Searching for a destiny that's mine
    There's another place another time
    Touching many hearts along the way, yeah

    Hoping that I'll never have to say
    It's just an illusion, illusion, illusion
    Follow your emotions anywhere
    Is it really magic in the air?
  • Soulguy 24.11.2012
  • MadameCercle 24.11.2012
    — Is it an illusion? Not sure. (Google Translate)
  • Soulguy 24.11.2012
    Je ne parle Française

    edited by owner

  • MadameCercle 24.11.2012
    — Est-ce une illusion ? Pas sûr.
  • Fizzle 24.11.2012
    Wow...I'm dizzy.

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