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VSS: page 80

ourWorld_Online on 23. Nov, 2012 — Lang: English

VSS:  page 80
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    In the previous book we had Scarlet Wayne and Samuel Wayne. In this book we have Scarlet Ryolite and Samuel Ryolite. Yes, I know this might be a little confusingm but let me explain.

    Scarlet Wayne married Coachella Ryolite in between the Epilogue of Book 1 and the Prologue of Book 2, thus changing her name to Scarlet Ryolite. Coachella and Scarlet decided to name their son after Scarlet's brother, Samuel Wayne.

    So Scarlet Ryolite is the same person as Scarlet Wayne.
    Samuel Ryolite is NOT the same person as Samuel Wayne.



    Chapter One CREATED BY C WAYNE


    Samuel, food is ready! Come eat!

    Now, Samuel!

    I'm coming.


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  • Balistiko6 25.11.2012
    Oh god.. I get it!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
  • Drachir 25.11.2012
    It's a dirty story of a dirty man
    And his clinging wife doesn't understand.
    Their son is working for the Daily Mail,
    It's a steady job but he wants to be a paperback writer,
    Paperback writer.
  • MadameCercle 24.11.2012
    * * *
  • abrotons 23.11.2012
  • NeoChomik 23.11.2012
    here's the son!
  • paco_de_pinda 23.11.2012
    Me: "I'm comming"
    *10 minutes later*
    Me: "You said dinner was ready??"

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