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miskec on 31. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

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    Hey guys if u have some interests for me to do just type in comment or send me message!Like:hey Miskec,can u do a new series about<thing>?Send reply soon!

    So if u want me to uptade something about me just ask everything in comm or inbox!C ya soon!

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  • DonutNinja 30.1.2014
    cool knigths
  • stihl 14.1.2013
    imam neke ideje o stripovima , ali mi se tak svidjaju da cu sam napravit te stripove :)
  • miskec 9.11.2012
    @abro look at the comment below yours
  • abrotons 4.11.2012
    but where are you miskec?
  • miskec 1.11.2012
    @neo im sry but i dont check sg that much as earlier i play tf2 go to school and i dont have much time so :/
  • bluesockmonkey 31.10.2012
    i will think of something for you soon!
  • JRMarklin 31.10.2012
    Of course I have interest in you and your drawings
    Por supuesto que tengo interes en tí y tus dibujos
  • NeoChomik 31.10.2012
    ya could be more productive. both on quanity AND quality...

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