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Don't make something beautiful broken.

MayFiolet on 27. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

Don't make something beautiful broken.
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  • Soulguy 24.11.2012
  • 35sheep 2.11.2012
    Awsome comment, Greta!
  • greta_grot 2.11.2012
    Unfortunately women use makeup to look pretty because they dont know their natural beauty is there. Unfortunately women get abused by assholes, because they dont know there natural strength and freedom is there.
  • Brezhoneg 1.11.2012
    great !
  • ourWorld_Online 30.10.2012
    Women don't need make-up to be pretty. Great message.
  • Maoriman 28.10.2012
    * * * *
  • abrotons 28.10.2012
    it's great
  • benjamin895 28.10.2012
    excellent.. well done!:)

  • gregheffleydude1 28.10.2012
  • purplekiss 28.10.2012
    ohhh may! this is one heck of a poster. i want this to be on the featured roll... one of the traditional drawing styles but always rocks on the prints.. blue and yellow is cool - a few artists are afraid of putting them side by side.. the sun and the rays - brightens and highlights the piece... the bruises are well done - good shading, even the size of the eye varied and the tears... ah. i said too much. to put it, this one's perfect! faved
  • abrotons 27.10.2012
    it's a great contribution
    thanks MayFiolet
  • asfaltocaldo 27.10.2012
    interesting message and well-done drawing
  • calm 27.10.2012
    Great poster...sad!
  • stihl 27.10.2012
  • paco_de_pinda 27.10.2012
    Great poster! It's an perfect entry for the contest.

    edited by owner

  • Veronique 27.10.2012
  • Fiolet 27.10.2012
    Such a beautiful poster. It's something different then the other posters. ^^
    And the message in Face Down and the song itself is so meaningfull.. You choose well!
    Great work, May! +++
  • MadameCercle 27.10.2012
    Oui !
  • wich 27.10.2012

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