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Whoops ...

35sheep on 26. Oct, 2012 — Lang: No text

Whoops ...
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  • Sym 9.5.2013
  • 35sheep 18.11.2012
    @deadlierlizard: No offense man, but you need a better monitor! :)

    (Hint: It's not a blank page ...)

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  • deadlierlizard 4.11.2012
    no effensense sheep but who gets 44 like for a blank page
  • Heattransfer 31.10.2012
    Cool bro
  • Brezhoneg 30.10.2012
    cool ^^
  • thecomedyhen 28.10.2012
  • 35sheep 28.10.2012
    @Mzza: Important note: The three blocks have to be in the right order: First black, then magenta on top, then cyan on top of that. In this strip it's not perfect, because i messed up the order of the colours ...
  • abrotons 28.10.2012
    but what's this?
  • MJardin 28.10.2012
    I apparently forgot to leave a comment before.
  • purplekiss 28.10.2012
    oh yeah! very realistic. good technique to learn too! cheers!
  • Neinire 28.10.2012
    nice! how realistic, cg for bribed!!!
  • benjamin895 28.10.2012
    this bribe was no 'whoops'..


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  • funky_again 28.10.2012
  • gregheffleydude1 28.10.2012
  • DLRAAR 27.10.2012
    I Expect An Apology!
  • MZZA 27.10.2012
    @sheep(again e-e):
    AHAHAAHAHA I'm such a dumb ( ._.) cuz, yeah,I've never actually made a "nothing" strip.. it's only 19% black /inside/ the creator XD duhhh

    pfsh man :I so dumb..
  • asfaltocaldo 27.10.2012
    very well done! conga!
  • MZZA 27.10.2012
    but it's not "nothing" here :I might be my webbrowser, but 19% black is "nothing" in my sg e-e
  • dawg123 27.10.2012
  • calm 27.10.2012
    Ha...nicely done. Did one of your dinos come to life and jump out and get ya? :-)

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