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benjamin895 on 26. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

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  • nunexis 1.1.2013
  • scorpion6782 17.11.2012
    This definatley beats my costume :o
  • greta_grot 2.11.2012
  • Brezhoneg 30.10.2012
  • Mallow 30.10.2012
    LOOOOL! Funny...hahah
  • ourWorld_Online 28.10.2012
    woah epic art! congrats on bribe
  • abrotons 28.10.2012
  • purplekiss 28.10.2012
    i missed it featured.. cheers! very creative indeed
  • Neinire 28.10.2012
    ehehe:) trauma situation:D
  • benjamin895 28.10.2012
    @asfalt.. i'm sure commercial profit is what's driving it's popularity is oz as well.. and i totally agree with everything you said:)
  • asfaltocaldo 28.10.2012
    Halloween has been imported in my country also recently and mainly as an opportunity for commercial profit so my generation doesen't really have a great feeling for it. it's funny though and I like it and imagine it can help kids have a less fearful attitude to phantoms, witches and all other monsters that have been haunting everybody's childhood
  • gregheffleydude1 28.10.2012
  • asfaltocaldo 27.10.2012
    mamma mia! awesome monster! congabenji!
  • calm 27.10.2012
    It looks like she'll be HIS treat! Fun strip! :-)
  • paco_de_pinda 27.10.2012
    Great demon. Funny strip
  • MayFiolet 27.10.2012
    Congratz on bribed!
  • 35sheep 27.10.2012
    Grats old man - great scary strip!!!
  • miskec 27.10.2012
    Soo nicely done gratzz
  • dawg123 27.10.2012
    Amazing work I like congrats and favd
  • Eona 26.10.2012
    Teehee It's fun! Even though i'm too old to do it, i still go :) Nice strip :)

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