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rukowski on 24. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

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  • gregheffleydude1 25.10.2012
    Nice quote.
  • Drachir 25.10.2012
    I want to turn the whole thing upside down
    I'll find the things they say just can't be found
    I'll share this love I find with everyone
    We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs
    I don't want this feeling to go away
  • stihl 25.10.2012
    ɥʇnɹʇ uʍop ǝpısdn ʇsnɾ sı ǝıl ɐ

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  • JRMarklin 25.10.2012
    Lies have short legs (Stated to the jungle)
    Las mentiras tienen las piernas cortas (Dicho de la selva)
  • Quag54 25.10.2012
    This works for frowns, too.
  • asfaltocaldo 25.10.2012
    so... true! very good use of fonts
  • purplekiss 25.10.2012
    haha. yeah. that's right
  • opeluna1 25.10.2012
  • Maoriman 24.10.2012
    Or a back to front one...

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