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sunset over lake

benjamin895 on 24. Oct, 2012 — Lang: No text

sunset over lake
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  • Elgar 21.5.2020
    Perfection :) love the water!
  • stihl 31.3.2020
    The best, so real wow
  • Cheesepizza 5.12.2013
  • Cheesepizza 5.12.2013
  • deadlycrossover 5.4.2013
    this is great!
  • dawg123 8.12.2012
  • Fizzle 24.11.2012
  • Ancyd 24.11.2012
    Dude.... TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!

    Please excuse me. Too much awesomeness up there to be ignored.
  • greta_grot 2.11.2012
  • REGRAT 1.11.2012
  • Brezhoneg 30.10.2012
  • Mallow 30.10.2012
    So realistic!
  • ourWorld_Online 27.10.2012
    fantastic! very lovely
  • benjamin895 26.10.2012
    @drachir.. deep poetry mate, thank you:)

    @Maoriman.. haha god i hope not!:D

    @ruko.. hahaha thanks mate, i will;)

    thanks everyone:)
  • Drachir 25.10.2012
    Father, why did you drown me here?
    In these waters
    And father, why did you leave me here?
    In deep waters
    Father, it's getting darker here as the years pass
    And father, I'm the whispers on the lake
    Lights on water
  • Eona 25.10.2012
    You Were Just Fidling? Woow :)
  • Fiolet 25.10.2012
    Awesome :D
  • JRMarklin 25.10.2012
    I've seen this in reality. In a reservoir near Calabozo, a city of my country.
    Yo he visto esta foto en la realidad. En una represa cerca de Calabozo, una ciudad de mi país.
  • opeluna1 25.10.2012
    benny! congratz

    @ruk, LMAO!!
  • abrotons 25.10.2012
    beautiful colour

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