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Giraffe Mom

terwallace on 18. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

Giraffe Mom
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    Pretty sure no one wants to be known as "Giraffe Mom."

    Also, to paraphrase a certain fictional 13 year old bombsmith- "the Giraffe is gonna eat so many Gorramned Crumpets, It's gonna be the like the Crumpocalypse!"



    I still can't wrap my head around this. The Giraffe up and left. and now he's back.

    Bring Forth The Cheetos!

    This is really bugging you, huh?

    I know the Giraffe has travelled other places, but always flat surfcaes, posters, monitors, that kinda stuff.

    But this time, he broke containment. That "no" symbol, we think it's keeps him in check.

    Maybe Cupcakes!

    But he just broke free. We didn't know he could do that.

    Fact is, we don't know much about the Giraffe at all.


    Damn Right You Don't. The Giraffe Is Unknowable!

    But Loveable.

    Still, much as we thought he'd accidentally on purpose destroy the world if he got out. seems he was well behaved.

    I guess maybe it's like he's a teenager. If we give him a little freedom, maybe he'll respnd to it better.

    Only downside to that analogy is, that makes us the parents.

    And I just don't think I'm willing to be known as "Giraffe Mom!"

    Crumpets Crumpets Crumpets

    Heh, good point. I guess I'm just saying we may be ok. Anyway, I better go get him some baked goods.

    You'll be getting me some too if you know what's good for you!


    Are You My Mommy?

    Hell no.

    Points for the creepy Doctor Who Reference though.

    WV POP CON 2013!
    FEAR ME!

    Still, maybe Connor's right. I guess if you're good we'll let you out again soon.

    Connor, Rachel, The Giraffe, Dr. Who
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  • Flamingdeath 1.12.2012
    ehehehehehe I demand crosaints!
  • Maoriman 6.11.2012
    The Giraffe is unknowable to all but Grandpa...
  • bluesockmonkey 24.10.2012
    that masked giraffe is...disturbing. Srsly!
  • dawg123 19.10.2012
    Hahah that giraffe is sure loveable
  • 35sheep 19.10.2012
    Well - did you check? Maybe he DID destroy the world!
  • cirkuz 19.10.2012
    double click for cheetos...

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