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Dudes against violance

MISISIS on 14. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

Dudes against violance
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    This strip is a reply to A NON COMPETITION, NO to Violence Against Women



    He dude good to see you

    Ye dude good to be back

    What took us so long?

    MISISIS stopped 'cause of SG violance.

    Say what....???

    maybe just for fun?

    A now socalled SG GOD kept sending her dirty messages

    Calling her #@$ and& *%
    etc. is not funny

    Wow dude that sucks.

    Violance against woman is bad
    Violance against woman is all around
    Violance against woman is even on SG
    Violance in words against me made me quit
    abrotons made me come back this once.
    Thank you for bringing the subject up.
    I vote for you as featured.

    violance, dudes, abrotons
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  • Soulguy 25.11.2012
  • greta_grot 2.11.2012
    the world is full of attackers. ignore them if they persist then tell them to fuck off
  • Drachir 15.10.2012
    When you're down and troubled
    and you need a helping hand
    and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.
    Close your eyes and think of me
    and soon I will be there to brighten up
    even your darkest nights.

    You just call out my name,
    and you know where ever I am
    I'll come running to see you again.
    Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
    all you have to do is call and I'll be there,
    yeah, yeah,
    you've got a friend.
  • 35sheep 15.10.2012
    Great hearing from you, msIsis! We miss u 2! :)
  • Quag54 15.10.2012
    Hopefully, SG will do some growing up. Miss a few people that used to be regulars.
  • abrotons 15.10.2012
    very nice if you...

    and a great contribution, because you have shown that the issue is everywhere!
    even here, yes
    thank you!
  • asfaltocaldo 15.10.2012
    feel sad for what happened to you and disconcerted by learning attacks get taken even here, glad abroton's proposal helped you come back
    nice strip and plz do post your strips again if you feel like!
  • JRMarklin 14.10.2012
    We must not leave our pleasure to draw comics by a few
    No hay que dejar el placer de dibujar nuestros comics por unos cuantos
  • MISISIS 14.10.2012
    Thank you for your kind words
    I'm off for now
  • JRMarklin 14.10.2012
    And a foolish words, deaf ears
    Y a palabras necias, oídos sordos
    Not taking into account what I think is best
    No tomarlo en cuenta, es lo mejor
  • MISISIS 14.10.2012
    You're right but I was fed up with it.
  • opeluna1 14.10.2012
    I know and understand, some have no boundaries or respect at all
    I've known of some actions taken against users that go beyond imagination.

    As JRMarklin says, happily there's also great people here
  • MISISIS 14.10.2012
    Look around JR not all are as nice as you are
  • JRMarklin 14.10.2012
    But Misisis, here are people are opposed to violence, all violence even of course, against women
    Pero Misisis, aquí estamos quienes están en contra de la violencia, de toda violencia incluso por supuesto, contra la mujer
  • MISISIS 14.10.2012
    It became too threatening for me

    edited by owner

  • opeluna1 14.10.2012
    sadly true, you haven't been the only one attacked
    in SG
    It's good to see u around

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