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Ni con el pétalo de una rosa...

opeluna1 on 11. Oct, 2012 — Lang: Espanol

Ni con el pétalo de una rosa...
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  • Zack117 22.10.2012
  • MadameCercle 16.10.2012
    Trop !
  • MISISIS 14.10.2012
    I followed your work it's getting greater all the time
  • syke 13.10.2012
    hit me with a rose,
    assault and battery.
    after a short pause,
    again to hit you are ready.
  • 35sheep 13.10.2012
    Wonderful - important message too. Grats, O
  • asfaltocaldo 13.10.2012
  • opeluna1 12.10.2012
    @MJ, framing is inspired by yours
  • MJardin 12.10.2012
    Beautiful. Powerful and haunting.
  • stihl 12.10.2012
  • Drachir 12.10.2012
    Was it something I said or something I did
    Did my words not come out right
    Though I tried not to hurt you
    Though I tried
    But I guess that's why they say

    Every rose has it's thorn
    Just like every night has it's dawn
    Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
    Every rose has it's thorn
  • Veronique 12.10.2012
    Lindo todo!
    " a la mujer, ni con el pétalo de una rosa"...
  • NeoChomik 12.10.2012
    well thats something.
  • opeluna1 12.10.2012
    @Maoriman, absolutely, he's one of my top fav artists here, his magic has got me

    @Quag, yes, it's been a crazy week

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  • Quag54 12.10.2012
    Great effort. Glad you had time for this one.
  • berrykiss 12.10.2012
    good design awesome
  • Maoriman 12.10.2012
    Rocks Rocks Rocks
    Faved Faved Faved
    Do I see a bit of Benny's influence in this one?
  • asfaltocaldo 12.10.2012
    delicado y fuerte, en tu estilo inconfundible
  • purplekiss 11.10.2012
    perfect symbolism.
  • JRMarklin 11.10.2012
    There's a song that says: A rose painted blue, is a poem ...
    Hay una canción que dice: Una rosa pintada de azul, es un poema...
  • cirkuz 11.10.2012
    good design

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