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Only Women Bleed

Quag54 on 10. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

Only Women Bleed
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  • greta_grot 2.11.2012
    Ive never heard of a woman killing herself because of a mans actions. How could anyone be that trapped??
  • greta_grot 2.11.2012
    He lies right at you , and never says sorry,
    Hell lie at you and try to make you think your crazy that your the one being stupid thinking hed lie.
    hell manipulate you because he believes hes superior and can do what ever the fuck he likes, but in the end hes the loser because hes the one trapped in evil ways , not me/you/
    Its good when he dont come home at all,
    thats the time to leave and never ever come back .
  • Brezhoneg 31.10.2012
    great !
  • ASgirl 12.10.2012
    Very well done! Powerful message.
  • cirkuz 11.10.2012
    well done
  • Maoriman 10.10.2012
    Ohhhhh dark dark dark!
  • dawg123 10.10.2012
    Very nice message and how you did the style
  • abrotons 10.10.2012
    great Quag, really awsome
  • 35sheep 10.10.2012
    Another awsome entry!
  • Fiolet 10.10.2012
    I could sing along with it....
    :( +++
  • stihl 10.10.2012
  • Drachir 10.10.2012
    you pray on us when we sleep
    you chase after the tired the poor the weak
    you know you mean only harm
    you reach out with your long arm

    but oppression
    I won't let you near me
    you shall learn to fear me
  • NeoChomik 10.10.2012
    good work
  • opeluna1 10.10.2012
  • Veronique 10.10.2012
    Great song!
    so sad !
  • purplekiss 10.10.2012
    great. i can feel the emotions conveyed

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