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Cause & Effect

dawg123 on 10. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

Cause & Effect
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    There once was a 12 year old little angel named Rachel. Her parents argueed 24/7 she would be in her room and pray about heaven. Her birthday wishes were that she wanted this pain to go away. Every night she had cried she kept telling herself this is all just a lie. She believes she will wake up from a nightmare, but Rachel knows that this is realilty and all she wants is a simple life. Rachel locks herself in her room while her mom argues with a man who used to have a heart before he became the groom. Now the relationship has fallen the love can no longer bloom it is on it's last fuse. One evening little Rachel had it with enough of the violence so she packed up and lefvt the place. Little Rachel thought if she left her parents would unite to find her, but it turned to a whole other disaster. Rachel roamed in the streets and alleys and saw quite a site of downtown. Rachel came up upon a man she told him her problems and he said he knows what will solve them. Rachel trusts the man and they leave the scene. This next news is a bit obscene, after months of Rachel's mother finding her while the dad still was abusing her. The cops came to their house and said we found Rachel but all they got was a corpse and a bloody blouse. The cops also said they found a letter and this is what it said " Dear mom and dad I had to leave the house because I thought you would be able to solve your problems when I am not there. I me leaving you guys will help you guys to stop fighting. I still pray for you guys and hopefully one day we can be a REAL family, Love Rachel." The mom couldnt believe in what she recieved she cried and cried but her husband wasnt by her side. That night the mom told her husband the news and he showed no emotion just a fists full of blues. He said " I am going to take it on you!" The husband wasnting holding back and then the wife's heart beat went flat......

    This strip is a reply to A NON COMPETITION



    I'm the man of the house!

    I pay the bills!

    This family is nothing without me!

    Put the bottle down!

    Don't tell me what to do!


    violence, women, abuse, sad, story, beating, angel, dawg123
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