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abrotons on 7. Oct, 2012 — Lang: Euskara

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  • PETEX 8.10.2012
    "Nire etsaiaren arima emakumeen minatik elikatzen da" horrela hobeto ulertzen dela uste dut.
  • cirkuz 8.10.2012
  • Maoriman 8.10.2012
    Conga bonga...
  • Zoltar 8.10.2012
    CONGA !!
  • paco_de_pinda 8.10.2012
    In some country's, we are very close to the "woman isn't a man his property". I'm glad (as boy) I live in a country where I can respect woman while nobody is looking at me with a strange what-are-you-doing-!? face.
  • thecomedyhen 8.10.2012
    great bribe :) congrats
  • Fiolet 8.10.2012
    Wha, what a beautiful and meningfull message. You are absolutely right. :) Hopefully, it will end someday. Thank you for the link. Instant fave! You have my vote as well!
  • benjamin895 8.10.2012
    Ominous but awesome imagery my friend. I third the motion.. women of all nationalities, regardless of race colour religious beliefs or just personal preference should b treated with respect and any man who lays a hand on a woman is in no way a man at all..

    Thx for the link mate:)

  • purplekiss 8.10.2012
    i second the motion. and cool graphics
  • Maoriman 7.10.2012
    Great idea for a non-contest! Set that up dude!
  • Zoltar 7.10.2012
    NIIICE !!!!
  • abrotons 7.10.2012
    de acuerdo
  • opeluna1 7.10.2012
    mira que no se, le metería carga emocional al asunto y me quedo dudando

    te haré un strip reply de alguna que hice hace como un año...
  • abrotons 7.10.2012
    gracias qsputnik
    esto es una lacra universal!
  • abrotons 7.10.2012
    gracias ope...a ver si nos animamos a hacer todos una tira contra la violencia machista!
  • opeluna1 7.10.2012
    excelente forma de traerme de nuevo por aquí, excelente mensaje
    favs, abro
  • qsputnik 7.10.2012
    Espero que te llamen para crear los bichos de "Avatar 2" :)
    Pd. Buen mensaje.
  • abrotons 7.10.2012
    you made up my mind

    edited by owner

  • abrotons 7.10.2012
    you better not
  • abrotons 7.10.2012
    asfatocaldo, gracias
    el mensaje es lo importante

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