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Water Village

purplekiss on 24. Sep, 2012 — Lang: English

Water Village
  • Description

    I saw some kids' artwork putting little pre-cut pieces of consctruction paper and I knew I've got to try it. This is how it turns out.

    This strip is a reply to Run like the Wind!




    water, village, red
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  • lamiah 22.10.2012
  • asfaltocaldo 26.9.2012
    sooo cute
  • purplekiss 26.9.2012
    @abrotons: yes, thanks! i like it in red too.
  • abrotons 26.9.2012
    excuse me, i don't know wether you understand Spanish...
    lovely red
  • abrotons 26.9.2012

    me gusta así en rojo
  • ourWorld_Online 26.9.2012
    wow! i absolutely love this. faving.
  • cirkuz 25.9.2012
    extremly clever idea and design!
  • dawg123 24.9.2012
    This is amazing work right here favd!
  • Maoriman 24.9.2012
    Love it! Very very awesome - Faved...
  • Netrunner 24.9.2012
    Wonderful, fav
  • NeoChomik 24.9.2012
    I like the idea of it
  • qenene 24.9.2012
    Bloody nice!!!
  • stihl 24.9.2012
    great, nice favs
  • Drachir 24.9.2012
    The sun comes up on Icarus as the night-birds sail away
    And lights the maps and diagrams
    That Leonardo makes
    You can see Faith, Hope and Charity
    As they bank above the fields
    You can join the flying circus
    You can touch the morning air against your wheels
    Are you there?
    Do you have a thought for me that you can share?
    Oh I never thought you'd take me unawares
    Just call me if you ever need repairs
    Oh, are you there?

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