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Ode To An Email Junkie

ElizOF on 21. Sep, 2012 — Lang: English

Ode To An Email Junkie
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    This is a short strip created to accompany a tongue in cheek, humorous blog post on an email junkie; aptly named EJ. The post is at:
    Enjoy! :-)



    Musings: Ode To An Email Junkie

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    I just love me some fun email... hmm

    One day, EJ met that (lovely) Hotmail chick

    EJ scored a date with a dude on Yahoo

    She'd found a new love on good ol' Google

    .I miss the days when we only had phone calls

    The love affair began with that dinosaur - A

    You've got me as mail babe!

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    Hi, I'm EJ!

    I'm all for hot, hot mail across the globe

    I'm into you dude, now where's my 1002nd email?

    Hey, he vlogs and he blogs all about moi!

    I'm keeping my accounts 'cos you never know who'll need you ;-)

    email, blog, humor, fun
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