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Does anybody here remember...?

genmaes on 13. Sep, 2012 — Lang: No text

Does anybody here remember...?
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    Just Came to my mind one of the greatest artist I meet through SG. Dorota.

    In the old times... she gave me the blue.

    (´`•.¸(``•.¸ ¸.•`´)¸.•`´).«´¨` • ★ thanks ★ •´¨`». ( ¸.•`´(¸.•`´ ``•.¸)``•.¸)

    Visit her page.

    This strip is a reply to coloring book
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  • abrotons 11.11.2012
  • Elgar 10.11.2012
    of course...
  • Neinire 3.11.2012
    yes I remember Dorothy it is soo long
  • gregheffleydude1 29.10.2012
  • Fiolet 13.9.2012
    That's just AWESOME :O!!
  • genmaes 13.9.2012
    Pues nada AdaLovelace si te animas a echarle un ojuelo veras que hizo cosas muy chulas.
  • qenene 13.9.2012
    Of course I do.
  • opeluna1 13.9.2012
    yes, a lot of the great ones not around...
  • asfaltocaldo 13.9.2012
    I love her work as other "old" SGers' and it's a pity she doesn't peep back at least every now & then. nice and well-done tribute
  • BaalMoloch 13.9.2012
    I miss some great SGers like Dorota
  • stihl 13.9.2012
  • JRMarklin 13.9.2012
    Dorota? Of course, yes I remember their strips!
    Dorota? Claro que si recuerdo sus strips!
  • Maoriman 13.9.2012
    Of course dude... Waiting for her to come back...
  • bluesockmonkey 13.9.2012
    A friend vividly remembered--and deeply missed! Lovely tribute to an SG immortal.

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