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A thoughts of Old user.

NeoChomik on 3. Sep, 2012 — Lang: Polski

A thoughts of Old user.
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    In memory of all those users who made SG Awesome at times, where no one cared for Bribed, featured, thumbs up's and other shit and abandoned us for various reasons unknown to many.



    How much of Old SG remained? How many left? Will any of them return?

    How long it will take 'till it will be my turn once again? And worst of all...

    Who will care?

    NeoChomik, Sometimes i doubt if return was , a good idea
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  • julian724 29.12.2017
    Old SG. How naive you where. we're lucky to have an SG at all with anyone on it. Honestly I just like the engine, so even if nobody else is on I'll still make comics.
  • dewfilms 10.8.2014
    Well said.
  • paco_de_pinda 7.9.2012
    I see old comments on old strips from the same nice people sometimes.. I can see they made SG big and happy. But indeed, they left and nobody really thinks about it. It's sad. I still hope all old sg-members come back at the same time to talk with us about how it changed here. *sigh...* very interesting strip Neo.
  • stihl 5.9.2012
  • Maoriman 5.9.2012
    No good dwelling on the past dude! Look to the future...
  • cirkuz 4.9.2012
    yesterday is 4 memeries 2day is 4 ideas the future is 4 crazy dreams
  • Netrunner 4.9.2012
    Lots of old users are gone, that's sad but maybe they have new occupations in their lives.
  • 35sheep 4.9.2012
    Old is not nescessarily good! (In my case, it is - of course! ;-D)
  • Zoltar 4.9.2012
    WHO CARES!!! let's make some strips !!!! :D
  • opeluna1 4.9.2012
    also know that some of the current users wish some of us out of here
    not going to happen though
  • Streetin 4.9.2012
    We reside in Stripgenerator's Era of Conflict.
  • dawg123 3.9.2012
    I think about that to everytime I get on those were the golden days. I really like how you did this favd
  • bluesockmonkey 3.9.2012
    That magical time seems so long ago, Neo--when we all were fresh & crazy & all friends....
  • opeluna1 3.9.2012
    eventhough I'm not amongst those first users I can say this site has changed and a lot of the nice ones are gone, bad

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