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WICH=GOD (featuring you, YEA YOU!!)

paco_de_pinda on 29. Aug, 2012 — Lang: English

WICH=GOD (featuring you, YEA YOU!!)
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  • julian724 22.2.2017
    well RIP me apparently.
  • maxactioncomix 3.7.2013
    sent a strip reply: "almost a publisher"
  • stihl 24.2.2013
    oh, yes i remember now, but here i was Duke and now i am Legend :D
  • paco_de_pinda 26.11.2012
    @sheep I still don't want to level to GOD. If Das Hund gives me that message, I know it's too much effort. Let me shizzle for ever :)
    1400xp till emperior ^^
  • 35sheep 26.11.2012
    Just wait until you become shizzle. Then it says: You need another 75.000 points to reach the next level!!! :-D
  • paco_de_pinda 26.11.2012
    @Fizzle You'll become it soon or later.. You'll become Duke too :)
  • Fizzle 26.11.2012
    I need 5000 more points to become Duke. :P
  • Brezhoneg 4.11.2012
    bravo ^^
  • stihl 30.10.2012
    hah !
    im now emperor !
  • DLRAAR 17.9.2012
    I just found myself in there...
  • syke 17.9.2012
    I'm King now!
  • Maoriman 6.9.2012
    Coolio - gratzimo...
  • paco_de_pinda 3.9.2012
    @stargazer That akward moment when you say: WHO ARE YOU!??????

    Ye.. I now I know you again, but:
    I only remember friends.. Because of the notifications.
    I only put friends in strips.. So accept the request I sent you 3 weeks ago! ;)
    I can only use elements from friends.
  • 35sheep 31.8.2012
    Grats paco!
  • Fiolet 31.8.2012
    Wow, this is amazing paco! :D
    Congrats for the amazing bribe, me likey. ^^
  • syke 31.8.2012
    time to smash those points down!!
  • paco_de_pinda 31.8.2012
    @scama I always know that you're just kidding. I always know. Don't worry. I'm kidding too.
  • paco_de_pinda 31.8.2012
    @Benjamin Thanks! :)
    Yea 35.000xp is very much.. I have 24.000xp right now.. So It would take me more than 2 months to become god if I was you. You'll become god for sure!

    Yea it takes alot of time to put everybody in it when they don't have a completed character. Like Syke. And the second reason is that I really couldn't put more items in my library. I always take players who are on my "what's happening" page.

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  • benjamin895 31.8.2012
    i still got 35000 points to reach GOD status, it may take a while..

    anyways great strip, its great to see so many great artists in one strip!

  • paco_de_pinda 31.8.2012
    @scama SH*T UP x'D! (jk)

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