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ASHA on 25. Nov, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

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    ASHA, fun, humor, satire
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  • Platowe 27.11.2007
    My pleasure to protact you Asha!! But my sweeping is done!! And not with your poor head either!!

    This is all the time I've had to SG today--so goodnight everybody!!!
  • MadameCercle 25.11.2007
  • ASHA 25.11.2007
    Na toll dann kann ich mit dir deutsch sprechen.
    Tschüss : ))))))
  • mepltorp 25.11.2007
    ASHA you are without mercy, even for yourself!
  • KR4KE 25.11.2007
    jo richtig geraten ;) Hab bisher auch keinen anderen Deutschen gesehen^^
  • Casostrano 25.11.2007
    protect and serve....
    duduu dadadaaaaa cè una ragnatella anche più in laaaaa..

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