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World's best weapons 1

xsciencer on 27. Aug, 2012 — Lang: Slovenščina

World's best weapons 1
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    World's best weapons

    I will present you my favourite gun

    It is ak 47
    or automatik kalasnikou forty-seven

    That's all for now thanks for watching and reading ofcourse.

    ak forty-seven, ak 47, gun mitraljeska, brzica, mafioso, ...
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  • abrotons 9.5.2013
    Jainkoa izaterako "gustazen zait" botoia clikatu eta iruzkinak utzi. Hau da bide bakarra.
  • xsciencer 28.8.2012
    I love it too I want to build it with lego bricks
  • abrotons 28.8.2012
    I love kalashnikov
  • xsciencer 27.8.2012
    Thhanks I will use them becouse they are nice.
    Credits in description are slovenian words for submachine gun, machine gun, mafia...
  • paco_de_pinda 27.8.2012
    Yep.. you like others' elements, don't you ;).
    They're there so you can make a good looking strip in a short period. So keep using them (and credits in description are nice)

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