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SG Tournament: Everything is ready to go.

NeoChomik on 24. Aug, 2012 — Lang: Polski

SG Tournament: Everything is ready to go.
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    Last chances to sign up, change your characters, add them or forfeit.



    Looks like we got enough competitors....

    Contact me with Company HQ

    i just wanted to inform you, that everything is ready, Boss

    What is it? I dont have time...

    The Company Research Team is on their way to that dimension with the talisman...

    Competitors will soon arrive at the Island... Everything as planned.

    Great Job. You can return ...

    Boss... with All respect, I think it would be better if someoe would look over the whole thing... besides.

    I dont want to miss such great show, when i got ticket with the best seats...

    NeoChomik, SG Tournament, Jesto, Company
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