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SG tournament-me

Miskecprod on 21. Aug, 2012 — Lang: No text

SG tournament-me
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  • paco_de_pinda 31.8.2012
    Nice char. It's a average character with a gun. Those are the best :D
  • syke 22.8.2012
    Tournament again...!!! i'm not in it, i'm through it.
  • Miskecprod 22.8.2012
    ahaha add me i am Dah Veteran
  • Miskecprod 21.8.2012
    @neo sry bout the desc i forgot,and the 3 perk is when he is annoyed he blows the annoyers head off xD
  • NeoChomik 21.8.2012
    Few things to say.
    - It would be nicer if ya put info in the strip than the description.
    - Also, you are supposed to have 3 perks

    other than that. no objections.

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