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opeluna1 on 20. Aug, 2012 — Lang: No text

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  • stihl 27.8.2012
  • gregheffleydude1 26.8.2012
  • ourWorld_Online 25.8.2012
    great style, wonderfully done
  • Netrunner 21.8.2012
    Wonderful strip
  • MadameCercle 21.8.2012
    * * *
  • Fiolet 21.8.2012
    It's stunning :O
  • opeluna1 21.8.2012
    @ben, thanks
    I guess I acomplished what I wanted to do here
    Very glad you liked it

    @Quag54, yeah, I've been a bit busy lately but I was in much need of a relaxed time, in fact I still need more. Also some smile maker as well, can you help?
  • Quag54 21.8.2012
    Glad to see you made time to create this wonderful face.
  • benjamin895 21.8.2012
    i can see the sadness in her face.. a sense of fear, loneliness. powerful emotions are hard to portray here with this medium but you have succeeded wonderfully:)
  • NeoChomik 21.8.2012
    no one has an eyes like she
  • 35sheep 21.8.2012
    Love this style!
  • opeluna1 21.8.2012
    very generous words. Thanks
  • MJardin 21.8.2012
    You seem to have discovered the secret of great Sg eyelashes. The trembling lines really contribute to the emotional aspect of this image. It is a trembling to evoke empathy and sympathy.
  • cirkuz 21.8.2012
    good hair design
  • Ancyd 20.8.2012
    Wonderful strip!
  • opeluna1 20.8.2012
    she is lonely and I'm afraid that is not going to change
    thanks :)
  • opeluna1 20.8.2012
    Gracias Vero y Abro ;)
  • MJardin 20.8.2012
    Hmm. Not going to be lonely for long...
    Nice image.
  • julian724 20.8.2012
  • Veronique 20.8.2012
    te queremos Ope!

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