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Marco Polo

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Marco Polo
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    Marco Polo and unknown mom and Niccolo Polo at Marco's birth, September 15, 1254, in Venice.

    Marco Polo had died due to an illness, on Janurary 8, 1324 at the San Lorenzo di Venezia Church in the sestiere of castello of Vince, where he was buried.

    In 1271, Niccolò, Maffeo and Marco Polo embarked on their voyage to fulfill Khan's request.

    Khan's Request

    In 1271, during the dogado of Doge Lorenzo Tiepolo, Polo (17 years old), his father, and his uncle set off for Asia on the series of adventures that were later documented in Marco's book.

    In 1260, Niccolò and Maffeo were residing in Constantinople when they foresaw a political change.

    Political Changes

    In 1269, Niccolò and Maffeo returned to Venice, meeting Marco for the first time.

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