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ASHA on 25. Nov, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

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    ASHA, fun, humor, satire
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  • Casostrano 25.11.2007
    Buona notte anche se è mattina Aqha! :)))
  • Spigaw 25.11.2007
    Yes, good night to you Aqha!
  • ASHA 25.11.2007
    Made festivity without of me ? : ))))))))))
  • Platowe 25.11.2007
    I know, Asha--goodnight my beautiful friend!!!
  • Panther55 25.11.2007
    Yeah but i bet ASHA does speak a little bit of english....
  • mepltorp 25.11.2007
    hahaha, belive me Panther, I ask for that a thousand times, but this italian crew don't want to cooperate :))))
    Im only joking
    that italian crew is making best strips on stripgen... EVER!
  • Panther55 25.11.2007
    .....? Atleast a little english i can understand please???

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