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Jacques Cartier, important events of his life

Trina_L on 6. Aug, 2012 — Lang: English

Jacques Cartier, important events of his life
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    1491: Jacques Cartier was born at Saint-Malo in Brittany

    1520: Jacques Cartier married Catherine Des Granches

    1532: Jacques Cartier acquired a significant reputation as an experienced seaman and navigator which was reported to King Francois

    1534:King Francois sendsJacques Cartier to go to and discover "new worlds"

    1534: He returns to France and reported his explorations to the King of France

    1535: Jacques Cartier leads a voyage to Canada.

    1536: Jacques Cartier goes back to France and reports to the king

    1541: Jacques Cartier leads another voyage to Canada

    Jacques Cartier waited in canada despite the cold weather

    1542: Jacques Cartier returned to France

    1557 September 1: Jacques Cartier died

    The end

    For you

    Jacques Cartier is such a great sailer

    Go to the new world and try to discover some too


    I'm back home. Now I have to report to the great king of france

    I have to go to Canada now.

    Welcome home Jacques

    I have to go to Canada again

    Ittt'sss sooo ccoold

    Yesss. Home sweet home. It's not cold.

    The great Jacques Cartier is dead!

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