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monsterbane 9: to do or not to do

vadis on 6. Aug, 2012 — Lang: English

monsterbane 9: to do or not to do
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    to do or not to do?
    that's the problem.
    quoting from sun tzu,
    if you don't have a chance of winning even though you have poured your best efforts, don't go to war. better retreat and better prepare yourself.

    This strip is a reply to monsterbane 8: the final battle!



    Come on, Chris!
    We are the strongest!
    We can handle 'em all!

    I'm not sure about this...!


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    by vadis and

    monster, vadis, monsterbane, horde, charge, fireheart, fantasy, fight, final battle
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  • vadis 21.8.2012
    Carol: Yeah, the snail is the most dangerous one! It can make your brain sooo slow that you can't make comic strips once a week :p
  • abrotons 13.8.2012
    beware of the snail!
  • vadis 8.8.2012
    Chris: My finger is itching on the trigger. But sadly, in my time, the gun ain't invented yet.
  • NeoChomik 6.8.2012
    maybe with a gun.

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