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Those Windmills...

opeluna1 on 31. Jul, 2012 — Lang: No text

Those Windmills...
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  • abrotons 23.8.2012
    se me habia escapado!
    muy bueno
  • Ancyd 16.8.2012
    Again, have to admit I love the sketchy style!
  • syke 10.8.2012
    your very own style.
  • stihl 7.8.2012
    Don Quiote?
  • REGRAT 6.8.2012
  • Kharma 6.8.2012
    Que gran estilo, le pega mucho a Quijote ;)
  • gregheffleydude1 4.8.2012
    Very cool!
  • MadameCercle 3.8.2012
    Cercles !
  • Maoriman 3.8.2012
    Sooooo original! Faved!
  • ourWorld_Online 2.8.2012
    woah, awesome style!
  • Netrunner 1.8.2012
    Great Don Quichotte, Marvellous style. Fav.
  • Veronique 1.8.2012
    Ope! qué hermoso , yo hice uno hace unos meses, pero nada que ver... aquí el arte es la esencia misma!
    a favoritos por supuesto!
  • opeluna1 1.8.2012
    thank you all
    I enjoy this new approach
    @Ben, I will :D
  • Quag54 1.8.2012
    Good to see you had some free time to create.
    Excellent effort.
  • benjamin895 1.8.2012
    love this style, it's edgy and raw. more please;)

  • Elgar 1.8.2012
    yeah... I love this story...
  • NeoChomik 1.8.2012
    Curse them!
    nice work tho'
  • Drachir 1.8.2012
    So we left La Mancha
    Headed out for higher plains
    And Sancho Panza

    Looking for adventure
    Rocinante at the reigns
    To the windmills answer

    You'll never be lonely
    You'll never be lonely ever again
    You'll never be lonely
    You'll never be lonely ever again
    I heard you never get wet in Spanish rain
  • cirkuz 1.8.2012
    good idea and design
  • OccamsRayzor 1.8.2012
    Totally superb! Simply but brilliantly executed.

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