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The Power

opeluna1 on 29. Jul, 2012 — Lang: No text

The Power
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  • richard_burkhart 25.4.2019
    This was certainly worth another visit. Gorgeous.
  • richard_burkhart 9.4.2018
  • Maoriman 11.12.2013
    This was a real beauty!
  • craigdragon 28.11.2013
    OMG I can't believe I only now stumbled upon this epic piece of art! Faved!:>)
  • junkfood97 9.2.2013
  • junkfood97 9.2.2013
  • Ancyd 16.8.2012
    That is just TOO COOL, dude!
  • Miskecprod 5.8.2012
    Very good!
  • ourWorld_Online 1.8.2012
    This would be an amazing desktop wallpaper if only it were bigger. Faved
  • MadameCercle 31.7.2012
    Dessin très agile.
  • opeluna1 31.7.2012
    yay! thx benny :D
  • benjamin895 31.7.2012
    come back for another look and i see this is your 100th bribe!!! of course, well earned and thoroughly deserved!:)

    here's to your next 100!
  • precel 31.7.2012
    Oh, wow... i have no words to destrice this. : O
  • Ambrosius77 31.7.2012
    And the background is awesome too.
  • Ambrosius77 31.7.2012
    The 3D look of this is spectacular. Already favd, had no time for drop a comment.

  • Veronique 30.7.2012
    bravisimo mi amiga Ope!
  • rukowski 30.7.2012
  • syke 30.7.2012
  • syke 30.7.2012
    wow! Opeluna! This is art!!! its favd and liked too!! theres something more i will do!
  • Drachir 30.7.2012
    This power's greater than love and of hate
    This is the power of will and of fate
    The power of blood the triumph of steel
    Greater than the power of a priest or a sinner
    The power to defy to fight and be the winner
    The power of the demons spirits I command
    Always by my side to serve the master's plan

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