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Dulces sueños!

Veronique on 27. Jul, 2012 — Lang: Espanol

Dulces sueños!
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    visc en tu i tu vius en mi
    maite zaitut!
    credits :



    Te invito a mis sueños
    a volar
    Te invito a mis sueños
    a amar

    veronique, angel, sueños, dream, love
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  • thecomedyhen 29.7.2012
    well done, nice
  • Elgar 29.7.2012
    Gratz on awesome work :)
  • gregheffleydude1 29.7.2012
    Conga on dubble.
  • Eona 29.7.2012
    I Love This!
  • Veronique 29.7.2012
    I appreciate your support
    @Benji, @35sheep, @MJardin,@syke, @Paco, @calm, @fiolet,@Neo, @Stiltsen,@ryoko, EdWilder....
    @Ope: abashitos para ti!!! @Bithex: según yo , es DF jijiji...
    @Madame cercle: Merci !
    @Abrotons: tu alma en mí....

    Thanks all people!!!
  • opeluna1 29.7.2012
    Abracitos dobles!!!
  • benjamin895 29.7.2012
    wonderful art work.. frame by frame!

    gratz on the double veronique. you have my vote for featured!:)

    edited by owner

  • 35sheep 29.7.2012
    El double! Grats V. And remember guys: vote Veronique, vote often! :-)
  • MJardin 29.7.2012
    Congratulations on the double-bribed.
  • calm 28.7.2012
    Congrats on your double! :-)
  • paco_de_pinda 28.7.2012
    Love it! Especially the arm and the city!
  • calm 28.7.2012
    Nice series of art panels! :-)
  • 35sheep 28.7.2012
    Sleep tight!
  • syke 28.7.2012
    The second window is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!! The third is awesome.The fourth is peaceful..the whole is terrific.
  • opeluna1 28.7.2012
  • Fiolet 28.7.2012
    Woh, looking good!
  • MadameCercle 28.7.2012
    Très belle planche.
  • NeoChomik 28.7.2012
    Great work
  • Stiltsen 28.7.2012
  • ryoko 28.7.2012
    Amazing work! I love the city scape.

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